About Me

I have Complex-PTSD due to a series of very unfortunate childhood events. In 2012 I had a pretty major meltdown that left me flat on my ass for quite some time…I actually have seniority at my therapist’s office.

Because PTSD is so poorly understood, I decided to participate in clinical research. After putting my own treatments on hold to be a part of one brain imaging study and two clinical drug trials, I recommitted to getting on the path to recovery.

With the help of friends and family – I am moving forward.

In addition to participating in medical research, I started a little Facebook blog now known as A Little Bent, sharing inspiration and PTSD information to the over 45,000 readers who like the page. Since I also use medical marijuana to help with my PTSD symptoms, I also run a cannabis edibles website, CookingWithFlower.com, where I share recipes that infuse marijuana into delicious food. <3

I welcome anyone to follow along on my little journey and hopefully share their own experiences. There will be successes, and there will be failures. There will be laughs. And bitch sessions. Lots of bitch sessions. But most importantly, there will be PROGRESS.

You can read more about my history here, or if you’d like to contact me you can just click here.

I am not broken – but a little bent. But aren’t we all? 🙂