What’s it actually like to participate in a PTSD drug trial?

aLittleBent.net tells my story about what it’s like to have PTSD, and participate in PTSD clinical trials.

You see, I volunteered for three trials at NYU Langone Medical Center, and I documented the experiences as I went through them – every needle stick, every MRI, every time I peed in a cup. And I humbly present this body of work to you for your perusal.

My name is Diane Ruffcorn, and I have PTSD due to childhood abuse. I do my best (almost) daily to live this life to the fullest, learning as much as I can about PTSD, anxiety, depression, and all the mental health beasts that come along with it.

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Below you will find a series of posts blogging about three PTSD clinical trials in which I participated, beginning first to last. The first study was a brain imaging study in collaboration with Yale

University; the following two were drug trials at NYU.

Spoiler alert: the studies didn’t end well, and did receive a bit of press. While they were conducted at research giant NYU School of Medicine, the principal investigator, Alexander Neumeister, has since been dismissed from NYU, cited by the FDA, and even arrested for misappropriation of federal funds. You can read more about his arrest and sentencing elsewhere in “the Aftermath.”

If you read through the archives of the blog, you’ll see lots of gushing about NYU, Neumeister, and the studies in general as you read though these posts. I feel humiliated and want to pull everything down, but I’m leaving it as it was written. I didn’t know what was really happening at the time.

Moving on.

Expect more posts about PTSD, as was originally intended. And definitely posts about epilepsy and seizures, as epilepsy surgery is on the immediate horizon under my personal blog. The support, which I see so much of on my Facebook page, is so inspiring to me.  <3