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June 2014

The Nauseatingly Long Road to New Haven

The taxi transporting me from NYC to New Haven was white with pink lettering, and to my relief the driver was a woman. Tall, friendly – “Hi, I’m Renee, nice to meet ya, let’s get ya going here” – with the strongest down-to-earth vibe I think I have ever felt from anybody. I wish I had been more ‘with it’…but on top of being anxious, I started getting carsick on the nearly three-hour journey there. I leaned my head back and breathed while counting…in one, out one…in two, out two…while occasionally thinking to myself “Oh god this lady is so

Brain Imaging Study Day One: NYU

I was to present at NYU at 9:00 AM sharp. As I checked out of the hotel I wanted to ask the woman at the desk how to get a cab (I’m not much of a city girl and definitely had a lack of experience in this arena), but was too embarrassed to do so. So I reached back – way back – to my ‘Sex in the City’ addiction days, rolled out the front doors to the edge of the street and threw my arm up with as much confidence as I could muster. I was so nervous I

NYU – Yale PTSD Brain Imaging Study

Getting My Head Examined: A Medical Research Study Experience I participated in a brain imaging medical research study with the purpose of imaging the Kappa Opioid Receptors (KOR) of the PTSD-affected brain. The study was conducted by the New York University School of Medicine in collaboration with Yale University School of Medicine; the NYU investigative team was headed up by Dr. Alexander Neumeister, Principal Investigator. So here’s the story of how an anxiety-ridden girl working diligently to overcome PTSD went all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to New York City just to have her head examined. But how could I