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September 2018

Five Little Ways to Deal with Depression

Reach out Do your best not to isolate. If I’m feeling low, instead of hiding, I come out of my room. Even though I am mostly housebound due to epilepsy (no driving), every day I reach out somehow – via social media, text, through an online forum, in some form I connect with someone. It’s not to talk about depression, it’s simply with the purpose of connecting to another human being, even if that person is a stranger. It reminds me that I am not alone. Play music – the uplifting, happy kind Have songs that you associate with good

Handling PTSD Anxiety Effectively After Being Triggered

There were times with PTSD that I would get triggered and get stuck with this nervous energy, a miserable level of anxious energy that I simply could not shake. PTSD anxiety. The form of anxiety that you feel when your fight or flight response is triggered by some form of stimuli. Since there is no actual danger, you are then stuck with nothing to do with all of this nervous energy. Years of living with this issue led me into developing my own very safe and effective routine for dealing with being triggered. What you first need to do is