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November 2018

I’m out of here!

Homeward bound, wayyyyyy ahead of schedule – WOOHOO!!!!! My bilateral subdural grid placement to identify my seizure focus was a success, and I am being discharged to home. Soon I will follow up with my neurologist, then my neurosurgeon to go over the plan for the next phase of treatment, which will be surgery to remove the seizure focus identified in my brain. This will either reduce the number of seizures I currently have, or if I am very fortunate, render me seizure-free. What I thought might be up to a 30 day stay has only turned into 4 days

We are a go for surgery!

Neurosurgeon pre-admission – DONE! Hospital pre-admission: DONE! This is really happening! One more HUGE step towards becoming seizure-free and living a normal life. On November 6, 2018, I am to have a procedure that will localize the source of my seizures: a bilateral subdural grid placement. A neurosurgeon will carefully place grids/strips of electrodes on the surfaces of my brain in order to isolate the focus, or source, of my seizures. Essentially, this is an intracranial (inside the skull) EEG, with placement directly on the surface of the brain in order to more clearly interpret where exactly my seizures are

Dr. Alexander Neumeister Sentenced….

As unfortunate as it is, I regrettably post an update. First, let me open by saying, once again, that medical research is an important area of medicine. And what I’m posting about does not reflect the ethical behavior typically exhibited of the research community. They are dedicated individuals who work relentlessly, tackling the questions that have no answers, the unsolvable. This blog has been around for several years now – and I shared my experiences in my participation in three PTSD clinical studies. It’s pretty much how this website began. I documented my participation in the NYU/Yale PTSD clinical studies