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April 2019

Overcoming the Burden of Guilt

When something terrible happens to you that causes you to be constantly fearful or ashamed, a deep level of guilt can begin to take root. Guilt can keep you from seeking out and experiencing the joy you so desperately need to fully heal by making you feel as if you don’t deserve it. Everyone feels guilt once in a while, but if you’re a trauma survivor, it becomes a part of you. Suddenly all the mistakes you’ve ever made (or think you’ve made) start to overwhelm you. You can feel guilty for what you did. You can feel guilty for

Post-Op Lobectomy Follow-ups All Clear! 6 Weeks Seizure-Free!

Appointments with the neurosurgeon and neurologist done… all the good breaks were mine today! Such amazing news!! Seizure-free, let’s bring down the dose of those meds now, shall we? YES!!!!! ðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œ Tomorrow one of my morning med doses comes down, an unexpected and lovely surprise. Everything else, including my night doses, stay the same. A two-year odyssey of weaning begins – slow and easy wins the race. I got so many hugs today… it was awesome. When I delivered my card for the nurses to the Neuro ICU, one nurse announced “Right temporal lobectomy is here… and she’s NOT IN A


TODAY…the incredible freedom from seizure clusters continues! Who could have ever thought that when medication after medication failed that one surgery could CURE me? I am astounded, and absolutely over the moon with happiness!  I have been waiting *so long* to make posts like this. Six weeks! Without a single seizure! And I’m beginning to feel like a healthy woman again.  Tomorrow I begin the trek to Tucson for my follow-ups with the neurologist and neurosurgeon on Thursday, this time with good news for a change.  Giddy with excitement, and strangely proud that I haven’t had any seizures, as if this