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May 2019

8 Weeks Seizure Free!

8 weeks seizure free, post-op right temporal lobectomy as of yesterday! Enjoying my newfound freedoms by going out to lunch…with no fear. How amazing. All these tiny, humanizing freedoms that mean so much. I actually went out for lunch. Life is wonderful. Each day comes with it a new discovery, a new excitement, a new, fresh taste of life. My heart is brimming with happiness, love, and gratitude. Life marches on…and here I am, living like a “normal” woman once more. 💪💜

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned During PTSD Recovery

You are not alone I’ve learned that as much as I wanted to isolate myself, connecting with others, heals. I’m not going to quote the depressing statistics here, but child abuse is rampant across the globe, as is domestic abuse and rape. The link from trauma to survivor is very personal, but just remember whatever your situation – you are not alone. #metoo I isolated myself for a very long time. It didn’t help me – it hurt. Isolating yourself slows down, if not stops, the healing process. There are numerous online PTSD forums which I’ll link to at the