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R Temporal Lobectomy Successful: 72 Hours Seizure-Free!

Seizure-free for over 72 hours!

And, getting discharged today!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the face of a woman who has survived brain surgery and has now officially gone 72 hours seizure -free! I know I look a little rough, but please, read on.

I had 6 cm of my right temporal lobe removed, my right hippocampus, and my right amygdala removed on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. It was probably the most painful and challenging experiencing thing I have ever faced, however, I am so thrilled, so HAPPY. So grateful. If things continue, in 90 days, I can drive a car again.

In a year, I’ll begin weaning off these fistfulls of anti-epileptic drugs that I currently have to take.

I am unbelievably happy. Grateful. I’ve been waiting for this surgery for a very, very long time.

I’m sorry for the lack of updates or responses, but I’m pretty heavily medicated and absolutely exhausted right now.

Thank you all for your support.

It is looking like I’m being discharged today – how wonderful is that?? How exciting?

No seizures. No strokes. Just healing. I’m so happy I’m in tears. Silly me. So happy at the prospect of having my simple little life back. At the idea of just being able to to drive once again. At not having seizures. So happy just to be happy. Crying about being happy.
Silly, silly me. 😙💕

Thank you all for tolerating me and my antics. You’re being here for me and sharing this with me is just wonderful. Thank you for that. From the bottom of my heart. 💜🎉

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