About me


I am a wife, mother, writer, creator of things and solver of problems, curious to a fault. I love to do things that are new and interesting, such as learning to build a dining table from scratch, or building props for a Halloween haunt. Most of my adult life has been spent learning and doing things with my husband and two daughters, living life.

I also have PTSD due to prolonged childhood abuse and neglect. In 2012 as the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and nightmares became unbearable, it took over my life. I wasn’t myself. I was having flashbacks. I isolated myself from my family. I was so ashamed of everything, because up until then I was STRONG.

I reached out to a therapist and ended up in weekly therapy sessions for the next three years. As I progressed with my treatment, I started a Facebook page called A Little Bent where I would share thoughts and memes – it became a source of strength and connection for me. Today it has grown to over 47,000 followers, and I love seeing the names I recognize who regularly comment. Those connections help make me feel even more human.

I have participated in three PTSD clinical studies: one brain imaging study, and 2 drug trials.

I blogged about those experiences as I went through them – this website has an archive of a play by play on what it’s like to be a PTSD human research subject.

I also blog about PTSD treatments and tips for dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health related issues.

I have fallen backwards a bit in my treatment since dealing with right temporal lobe seizures which are medication resistant. But as they say, I’ve gotten back up more than I’ve fallen down – so here I am, back up again.

Thanks for being here. I hope you are well. Onward and upward. 🙂