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PTSD Drug Trials

To be honest…no, I’m not ok.

I have been debating on whether or not to share my current meltdown status here on my Facebook blog because I try to keep it as positive as possible, and don’t want to disappoint anyone by coming across as weak. So on the advice of a very dear, strong friend – I will be honest. I’m a fucking wreck. Since the New York Times story about the canned PTSD studies went to print I’ve been fighting off feelings of guilt, shame and fear. As more articles are published I keep seeing my name and the words “childhood sexual abuse” and

Subject Safety Problems – Not An Isolated Incident

Sometimes I wonder if NYU had any idea of how often the safety of their human research subjects was being placed at risk –┬ábut how could they not know? The FDA dinged them on multiple violations for the Pfizer drug trial (Protocol #B0541013), however that study wasn’t the only one in which NYU’s regard for subject safety is questionable. An earlier brain imaging study (S12-01521), a collaborative effort between NYU and Yale, had problems as well. As I mentioned in my open letter to NYU, one of the incidents that I believe jeopardized my safety was being put on a

Alexander Neumeister Sentenced to Play Piano.

So I suppose I should post about this. This blog has been around a few years now – and I shared my experiences in my participation in three PTSD clinical studies. It’s pretty much how this page began. I documented it here and on my Facebook page. A play-by-play, day-by-day of my participation in the trials. And how the trials were investigated by the FDA, the data tossed, principal investigator let go… Well, he embezzled money from trials, too. Lots of it. And was arrested for it. Not just from NYU, but from Yale. And his punishment? Well read for