8 Weeks Seizure Free!

8 weeks seizure free, post-op right temporal lobectomy as of yesterday! Enjoying my newfound freedoms by going out to lunch…with no fear. How amazing. All these tiny, humanizing freedoms that mean so much. I actually went out for lunch. Life is wonderful. Each day comes with it a new discovery, a new excitement, a new, fresh taste of life. My heart is brimming with happiness, love, and gratitude. Life marches on…and here I am, living like a “normal” woman once more. 💪💜

We are a go for surgery!

Neurosurgeon pre-admission – DONE! Hospital pre-admission: DONE! This is really happening! One more HUGE step towards becoming seizure-free and living a normal life. On November 6, 2018, I am to have a procedure that will localize the source of my seizures: a bilateral subdural grid placement. A neurosurgeon will carefully place grids/strips of electrodes on the surfaces of my brain in order to isolate the focus, or source, of my seizures. Essentially, this is an intracranial (inside the skull) EEG, with placement directly on the surface of the brain in order to more clearly interpret where exactly my seizures are

10 days.

10 days. 10 days until I’m admitted into the hospital for neurosurgery and a bit of a lengthy stay. I have seizures that are unable to be controlled by medications, so soon I will be having a surgical procedure that will remove the part of my brain that causes them – but first, they have to locate where exactly that is. So on November 6th I will have electrode grids implanted onto the surface of my brain, be taken off of all of my anti-seizure medication, and be monitored for up to 30 days in the hospital in an attempt