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NYU – Eli Lilly Drug Trial: Baseline, Dosing Challenge Study (Visit 1)


Today is what’s called the Dosing Challenge Study – based on the flip of a coin, one of the following happens:

  • I receive a placebo
  • I receive 40 mg of pomaglumetad methionil (the study drug)
  • I receive 160 mg of pomaglumetad methionil

About an hour before dosing, I have to participate in a behavioral task/triggering session. Electrodes are attached on my body to record muscle movements, mainly under my eyes to track my blinking. Sweating will also be measured. I will receive mild electric shocks to my wrist while listening to bursts of extremely loud white noise to trigger a fear response, while I try to predict whether or not I’m going to receive a shock based on what is shown to me on a computer screen for about 45 minutes.

I will then receive a “dose” – then wait 4 hours, and then undergo some behavioral assessments and repeat the triggering session.

I am already wound up as tight as a guitar string, I hope this goes well. I am just so tired and…spent.

*Update: First triggering session finished…just took the trial med, now I get to sit here for the next 4 hours (in the waiting room? A little weird and uncomfortable…) for observation. We’ll see how this goes.

Almost over. I’m so ready to go HOME.

6PM: Back at the hotel after spending the day up at NYU! I’m tired. I’m so relieved that the day is over.

One more triggering session tomorrow morning and then I’m totally finished!

It’s been a long three weeks, and after all this time it’s hard to believe that it’s finally almost over. It was a challenge…but absolutely worth it.

Tomorrow night I fly home. I made it! 🙂

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