Dr. Alexander Neumeister Sentenced….

As unfortunate as it is, I regrettably post an update. First, let me open by saying, once again, that medical research is an important area of medicine. And what I’m posting about does not reflect the ethical behavior typically exhibited of the research community. They are dedicated individuals who work relentlessly, tackling the questions that have no answers, the unsolvable. This blog has been around for several years now – and I shared my experiences in my participation in three PTSD clinical studies. It’s pretty much how this website began. I documented my participation in the NYU/Yale PTSD clinical studies

PTSD medical studies trashed, FDA investigates

Well…that didn’t go quite as expected. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but there have been some changes in the studies that I’ve kept quiet about for quite some time. I wasn’t really ready to share my disappointment. I left with the hope of the drug trials getting further approval and extending. I had an offer of participation from Dr Neumeister in longer-term trials, should they become available. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Both drug trials are no longer active; Dr Neumeister no longer works for NYU; all data from ALL THREE studies has been trashed; and there is