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NYU – Pfizer Drug Trial: We are a go for launch

So the dates are set, tickets are booked and I’m a go for launch. As some of you are aware, I took part in a clinical research study several months ago. In a collaborative effort between NYU and Yale, I underwent a series of extensive physical and psychological evaluations as well as MRI and PET imaging of my brain. I have been invited to return and participate in two clinical studies for medications that are being specifically developed to treat the symptoms of PTSD, and am excited for the opportunity to contribute once more. Unfortunately, this means three more weeks

Invitation to Participate in PTSD Drug Trials!

I’ve been going ’round and ’round in circles in my head over the past few days…and getting nowhere. The results from the brain scans are still sinking in, and have me wondering if it means that I’m going to feel like this forever… I’ve been invited to participate in two drug studies this fall, which should have me excited – and it does in a way – but other ways it has me scared. Again, no meds at all prior to the trial, so I’ll be going through the insomnia/nightmare dance all over again with no option for relief. And