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Subject Safety Problems – Not An Isolated Incident

Sometimes I wonder if NYU had any idea of how often the safety of their human research subjects was being placed at risk – but how could they not know? The FDA dinged them on multiple violations for the Pfizer drug trial (Protocol #B0541013), however that study wasn’t the only one in which NYU’s regard for subject safety is questionable. An earlier brain imaging study (S12-01521), a collaborative effort between NYU and Yale, had problems as well. As I mentioned in my open letter to NYU, one of the incidents that I believe jeopardized my safety was being put on a

NYU – Pfizer Drug Trial: We are a go for launch

So the dates are set, tickets are booked and I’m a ‘go’ for launch. And I’m more than a little nervous. As some of you are aware, I took part in a clinical research study several months ago. In a collaborative effort between NYU and Yale, I underwent a series of extensive physical and psychological evaluations as well as MRI and PET scans of my brain. The resulting data reaffirmed my previous diagnosis of chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD. The brain images revealed the presence of specific biological changes in the brain itself which are the direct result of experiencing extremely stressful

Off My Meds – Round Four

2014 has been a challenging year – and that’s putting it mildly. Due to my continued participation in PTSD Research, I am now once again officially “Off my meds” for the fourth time. It isn’t easy. Having been treated for years with these drugs to help with depression and anxiety, it’s like being a yo-yo. I can’t do this much more. While I understand why this research requires a pharmaceutical-free brain, as I sit here in a constant state of anxiety with nightmares starting to return, at times it is a struggle to keep the faith. I do this because

Invitation to Participate in PTSD Drug Trials!

I’ve been going ’round and ’round in circles in my head over the past few days…and getting nowhere. The results from the brain scans are still sinking in, and have me wondering if it means that I’m going to feel like this forever… I’ve been invited to participate in two drug studies this fall, which should have me excited – and it does in a way – but other ways it has me scared. Again, no meds at all prior to the trial, so I’ll be going through the insomnia/nightmare dance all over again with no option for relief. And