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The Nauseatingly Long Road to New Haven

Lucy's TaxiThe taxi transporting me from NYC to New Haven was white with pink lettering, and to my relief the driver was a woman. Tall, friendly – “Hi, I’m Renee, nice to meet ya, let’s get ya going here” – with the strongest down-to-earth vibe I think I have ever felt from anybody. I wish I had been more ‘with it’…but on top of being anxious, I started getting carsick on the nearly three-hour journey there.

I leaned my head back and breathed while counting…in one, out one…in two, out two…while occasionally thinking to myself “Oh god this lady is so nice…please don’t let me hurl in her cab…” It was the longest, most miserable ride I have ever endured.

Making it through that ride without chucking left me feeling like a gastrointestinal Zen master.

I arrive at my destination safe and sound, check in to the hotel and fall into bed. I survived.

And so did the cab.

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