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The Nightmare(s) Before New York…

Three more days until I depart for New York, and I’m not sure if what I am feeling is nervousness, excitement or anxiety. Probably a mix of everything. I want time to stop and speed up at the same time!

As much as I dislike taking my routine medication, whenever I go off of it I am reminded as to why I am on it in the first place. Amazingly enough I’ve been able to fall asleep without too much of an issue lately, however the nightmares have been kicking my ass for the past few days.

My parents keep chasing me in my dreams. It’s frustrating to have them still rolling around in my subconscious like that…and exhausting.

I think tonight before I go to bed I’ll try visualizing not running, but instead facing them, informing them that I am in control, and to take a fucking hike.

Three more days.

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