PTSD Drug Trials The Aftermath

To be honest…no, I’m not ok.

Be realI have been debating on whether or not to share my current status here because I try to keep it as positive as possible, and don’t want to disappoint anyone by coming across as weak.

On the advice of a very dear, strong friend – I will be honest. I am a bit of a wreck.

Since the New York Times story about the canned PTSD studies went to print I’ve been fighting off feelings of guilt and shame.

As more articles are published I keep seeing my name and the words childhood sexual abuse, and it is difficult. Quite unexpected.

Although I played no part in Dr. Neumeister’s unfortunate issues, and contributed no unique information – I feel guilt for even speaking to the NYT at all when approached.

I am stronger than this. Better than this.

Lessons learned.


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